Home and deco

765 x 263 Bolig og deko



Under the category HOME AND DECO you will find small furniture (shelves, chairs, sofas, tables, etc.), decoration items (lamps, vases, pillows, etc.), window shields (plush curtains, blinds, slate curtains, etc.) and many others exciting items.


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In the GARDEN category you will find everything for the garden, such as garden tools, birdhouses, electrical appliances, signs, ornaments etc.

Hobby and leisure

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HOBBY AND LEISURE covers a number of different categories. In the HOBBY category you find DIY decoration products (beads, ribbons, wires etc.), paint books, yarns, patchwork and much more. In the LEISURE category there are camping and outdoor products (tents, gaspads, mats, blankets, gasblast etc.), travel products (suitcases, neck pads, luggage bags, ear plugs) and much more.

Kitchen and bath

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In the KITCHEN AND BATH category you will find shower kits, hand showers, water saving products, shelves, mirrors and much more.

Fun and games

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The FUN AND GAMES category contains outdoor games and toys like trampolines, garden games, toys for sandboxes, beach balls, water guns, swings and much more.


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The AUTO category contains a range of products for use in and around the car, in the garage, on the bicycle, on the trailer, etc. There are cleaning products, brushes, mats, work lights, wheel storage, trailer nets, lights, trailer locks, trailer wheels, safety wires and much more.

Paint and accessories

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PAINT AND ACCESSORIES covers a wide range of products.

We have more than 20 years of experience with all types of paint for both indoor and outdoor use. Everything is produced in state-of-the-art equipment and quality controlled before it ends in stores.

We also supply everything used to perform the painting work. Brushes, rolls, coverings, sandpaper, protective equipment, tapes are just a small part of our large range.


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In the SAFETY category we can supply hearing protection, glasses, boots, gloves, helmets, ear plugs, fall protection equipment and much more. All in very good quality, and of course tested and approved. We have many years of experience in this category, and work with very good suppliers that deliver the best products.