Sam Partner

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SAM PARTNER A / S is a trading company located in the northern part of Kolding. We are a serious partner with focus on non-food products, and we exclusively deal with professionals.

World Wide

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We have our own purchasing and sourcing offices in both Denmark, Poland, China and India, and our employees have a good knowledge and experience trading in the specific countries.


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SAM PARTNER A/S was established in 2001 and has since had the objective to meet our customers needs, to deliver goods in the most effective way from producer to end user.


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SAM PARTNER A/S is an innovative trading company that prioritises ideas to the market right now. This both from the customer’s wishes and from own experiences.

We develop products according to the customers’ specific requirements, in close cooperation with both customers and our manufacturers.


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Since 1st of march 2012 SAM PARTNER A/S is at part of the worldwide BSCI cooperation, which is working to ensure optimum working conditions throughout the supply chain.


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We focus on labeling and testing our products, ensuring that products comply with national and international laws, regulations and regulations.

Quality control

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We place great emphasis on quality control and delivery security. Our employees in both Denmark, Poland and the Far East perform quality control directly at the factories, ensuring the quality of the individual products.


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We sell a wide range of products in our own brands and private labels, which span a wide range of product groups.

Graphic department

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Our graphic department tailor brands, packaging, POS material to suit customer needs and requirements.

We follow the market and are always at the forefront of trends, colors and designs of the time or season.